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The debate and discussion throughout the game will encourage us to find common ground and to understand and accept each other's point of views.

By taking these words and phrases out of their every-day use we can examine them in different contexts.

This way we can get rid of the clishes of a simplifying communication and we get to analyse complex situations with a new perspective. 

Throughout the game, we can also witness the dynamic and cyclical nature of history

Whether we compete or build together, throughout the game we can see how historical, psychological, economic or social phrases can be interpreted in several different ways.


Variation options of conceptual freedom create a strong and logical network.

However, this conceptual freedom narrows, as a certain phrase finds its position in the construction. These logical connections can show diverse and rarely used features of the expression. 

Since we can use every word and phrase in various contexts no two networks will be the same.

Each construction will lead a unique path, and each solution will create different conversations, raise different questions, stories and exciting utopias.