" I have to confess, I have never liked the History subject so far.

Still, this game made me love it."

A student's confession after a workshop. 

Communication is the keyword of the current era. On the one hand, it helps you to understand complicated problems, and on the other hand support you to learn about complex issues.

Even when dealing with history, politics, societies, and human situations.

Undoubtedly interactive learning will be the most effective method in future education,

Subjects will be examined by talking, debating and constantly communicating with each other.


Constant communication will help students to understand each other opinions and find consensus.  As communication creates consensus, also helps to see stories in a complex and diverse


Traditional, linear information transfer together with educational methods are changing as our world is becoming extremely networked and complicated.

Therefore, new approaches need to be developed to understand complex stories and problems.

So, as educational platforms will be changed completely, students will be helped to see a specific subject in a diverse context, just exactly they live their networked everyday life.

When students learn to see subjects in complex systems, they will think about historical events in a completely new way.

They will not think about history as an abstract and unfamiliar concept anymore, but rather something much more interesting story, and an important factor affecting their everyday lives.


Conscious thoughts about our history and society should be part of our lives.

We should have opinions about various social and political processes.