Age group: 15-99

Recommended number of players: 2-8

Box Contents:
150 pieces of cards, English
200 pieces of tokens,
1 piece of game rules, English
1 piece of game rules, Hungarian
1 piece of vocabulary, English - Hungarian

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    Board Game 

    Throughout the game we try to connect words and phrases on a logical, cause and effect basis by doing so we can gain a better understanding of how ideologies, events and conditions may derive from one and other. The different rounds within the game are built on each other from the easiest to more and more difficult ones, but we can announce a winner each round to make the game more exciting. We can build networks at the beginning, continue with several paths, and follow one path at the end, as we use a more and more focused approach. Therefore, our rules can model beautiful examples of human cognition. The main appeal of the game is the constant communication it requires which can create interesting and entertaining conversations. 

  • Product Dimension

    28cm x 28cm x 6cm

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    1,4 kg

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