Does smart tech or populism bring happiness?

What kind of happiness do we feel through freedom, and what kind of control?

What kind of anxiety do we feel through the same expressions?

How many kinds of happiness exist?

Where is happiness nowadays?




What kind of crisis leads to dictatorship, and what kind to democracy?

Which World Government would be more effective, a democratic or a dictatorial one?

Does democracy or dictatorship give more opportunities for corruption?

How can dictatorship and expertise associate?


Can revolutions be turned back?

Is it possible to stop at a certain point?

How can alternative routes develop in a revolution?

How can anyone or anything divert a revolution?




Can liberalism or conservatism result in censorship, or censorship result in liberalism or conservatism?

When is censorship a negative expression, and when is it a positive one?


What kind of society do we start after a worldwide disaster? 

What does it depend on?

Does it depend on the size of the town, the size of the population or the range of machines and tech that survived?

What would happen if mankind had to move underground after a worldwide disaster?

On what basis will people be selected?

Will it be knowledge, money, political power or selection on the basis of poverty or race?

Compared to what?

Can feudalism, kingdoms, republics, or even chaos, revolution, or stagnation be a development?


Can racism target aliens or droids?

Can a robot be a philanthropist?

Can AI be emphatic?

Can AI learn any kind of moral?

What kind of moral?

Can we teach human moral or a unique AI moral?

Do we have to create one?

Would a human or AI ruin its moral for self-interest?

Can AI have self-interest?

Do we believe in Science above all?

Is Science the new religion?

Will AI be the new God?

Can singularity be avoided?

Can singularity be hacked?

Is hacking the new coup?

Can modern wars exist in the virtual world?



Can racism target elders or youngsters?

Will there be any value or even benefit of old age?

Will old people's knowledge be useful for a future society?

How has the value of their knowledge changed through History?

What are the reasons?

How can elders live a happy and useful life in a future society?

What kind of professions will exist in a future society?


Will there be any value or even benefit in youth?

Will their knowledge be useful for a future society?

How has the value of their knowledge changed through History?

What are the reasons?

How can they live a happy and useful life in a future society?


Can Science be populist?

If yes, who does it serve?

Does populism always serve someone?

Is it possible to create populism, which serves all of humanity?

Does populism raise hate or love?

Try to come up with a populist slogan to raise hate, and try to say one that raises love.

Can religion be populist?

Can faith be populist?

Is it smart tech, what makes our thinking lazy, so as to accept everyday populism?




Solution or menace?

Will multinational companies or political parties create a World Government?

Which would be democratic, and which would be dictatorial?

Are companies and political parties becoming more and more intertwined?

Can a company work democratically in a dictatorship?

Can a company work dictatorially in a democracy?

Will crisis or organic development create a World Government?


Is excessive puritanism a hedonism?

How can extremity be associated with happiness or anxiety?

Which one can follow which one?

And reverse?

How can smart tech, irrationality, and individualism cause motivation, happiness, risk-seeking, workaholism, extremism, or nihilism?

Does hate ruin, build, motivate, or cramp?

Is it hate or happiness that motivates more?

Can hate unite a community, country, or an entire continent?



Will eternal moral rules change for the sake of sustainable development?

Does new smart tech serve sustainable development or does it serve the profit of companies?

Is there a notion to connect these two?

Can it be a good bargain to serve sustainable development?

What can be a good bargain in the interests of humanity?

Can a closed or an open society serve better sustainable development?

Where are people happier?

Will short-term self-interest or long-term interests of mankind drive political leaders?

Which attitudes will work in different societies?

Will democracy or dictatorship be born in an overpopulated humanity?

What does it depend on?

Will then humaneness and solidarity survive?

Will these feelings increase or disappear?

How will overpopulation stop?

What will be the possible causes?

Is there a positive way out of the world of 1984? 

Is it really The End of History?