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Which were the tools of populism in ancient Rome?

What does risk-seeking mean in prehistoric times?

Which were the renewable energy sources in the ancient Greek world?

How do we interpret individualism in the Renaissance?

Was Henry VIII the first Brexiter?

Will democracy or dictatorship be born in an overpopulated humanity?

What does it depend on?

Will then humaneness and solidarity survive?

Will these feelings increase or disappear?

Do we believe in Science above all?

Is Science the new religion?

Will AI be the new God?

Will we live in a democracy, dictatorship, autocracy,

or a so far unknown system in a dystopian world ruled by AI?


With HISTHEORY we model alternative societies, draw conclusions about historical and modern political events while testing our logic, critical thinking and empathy. 
Throughout the game we try to connect words and phrases on a logical, cause and effect basis by doing so we can gain a better understanding of how ideologies, events and conditions may derive from one and other.
Rules are understandable in a few minutes. The different rounds within the game are built on each other from the easiest to more difficult ones. Nevertheless, we can announce a winner each round to make the game more exciting.




The main appeal of the game is the constant communication which can create interesting and entertaining conversations, exciting utopias, and theories.







Age group: 16-99
The recommended number of players: 2-8
Size: 28cm x 28cm x 6cm
Weight: 1036 g
Box Contents:
150 pieces of cards, English
200 pieces of tokens,
1 piece of game rules, English
Price: 30 € + delivery